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"Their sound has evolved slightly into a more modern, gritty and expansive sonic landscape"

- Buzz Music

Since their initial days as a summer-basement project by Jasper Forrest and Austin Manning, Stone the Druggist hasn’t shied away from experimenting, exploring, and pushing boundaries. Based out of Boston, MA, their unique take on neo-psychedelia combines tasteful melodies and grooves with dark and earnest tones, creating what is hailed by Buzz Music as a modern, gritty and expansive sonic landscape. The tasteful melodies and grooves blend together with a hint of psychedelic flavors. Bassist Andrew Ford and drummer Charlie Tilton later joined the group to complete the bands lineup and sound. The four of them are busy at work on their debut full length album, due for an early 2021 release. 

© 2019 by Stone the Druggist

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