"Their sound has evolved slightly into a more modern, gritty and expansive sonic landscape"

- Buzz Music

Stone the Druggist is a modern psychedelic band based out of Boston, MA. Their unique and rich sound holds a distinctive character that takes a whole new look at the psychedelic genre. Influences such as Tame Impala, My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths, and The Black Angels have inspired and pushed Stone the Druggist’s sound. Their music has a dark and earnest tone that is embellished with beautiful and melodic songwriting. Their debut EP, made by Jasper Forrest and Austin Manning, gives a taste of the band's exploration into these themes. The tasteful melodies and grooves blend together with a hint of psychedelic flavors. The band’s second EP “On the Other End”, made with the help of two new band members, drummer Liam Buttrick, and bassist Andrew Ford, shows their development as a four-piece. This second release presents a new take of their first EP hits, including “Burn Slow-demo” and
“On the Other End-demo” which set the stage for the direction of their new music. Stone the Druggist is not shy to experiment, explore, and push boundaries. They
hope to elaborate upon their existing work with their first full-length album to be released by 2020.

© 2019 by Stone the Druggist

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